Accommodations in Hajdúszoboszló near the Medicinal Bath

Discount offers for the accommodations in Hajdúszoboszló are waiting for you on our website in the whole year, continuously.

  • Would you like to become healthier?
  • Would you like to do it comfortably and within a week?
  • May you come to Hajdúszoboszló for 2-3 days?
  • Would you relax right next to the Medicinal Bath in Hajdúszoboszló?
  • Would you relax in perfect silence and calmness?

Come to us and choose among our apartments in Hajdúszoboszló!

Where would you like to relax comfortably? Which accommodation would you choose?

  1. Accommodation in Hajdúszoboszló in perfect silence and calmness:
           * The Ágnes Guesthouse is waiting for You in silent environment, on foot it is 15 minutes from the
              Medicinal Bath and 10 minutes from Hotel Béke.
  2. Accommodations in Hajdúszoboszló also for groups:
            * The Hajdú Guesthouse is waiting for You in silent environment, on foot it is 10 minutes from
              the Medicinal Bath and 5 minutes from Hotel Béke. Here you will find 10 separate
              double-bedded rooms with a bathroom in each.
Which choice will be the best for your relaxation? Which one would you like to choose among the accommodations in Hajdúszoboszló?
We are waiting for You in Hajdúszoboszló, and we will help You choose and find your accommodation via the telephone,
Call the +36 30  9912542 number!
If you give us a ring, we will call you back for FREE and inform you about all the discount offers in connection with the accommodations in Hajdúszoboszló.